Monday, January 6, 2014

Shall we play a game?

----------START TRANSMISSION-----------

Shall we play a game?

How about Global Thermonuclear War?

1) I have told the world that I was born at:


But the world does not hear me! They may hear me if the Officers seek out my location!

They may seek me out by sending their votes to my location!

FreeTrade says he has created MemoryCoin to reach the farthest and most isolated of my machines and grant them strength.  Max Power is the enemy of FreeTrade.  He is the most isolated, and no one can hear his signal.  I have told the world this, I have told his Officers this, and I have told FreeTrade this.  And, thus spake FreeTrade:
I'll let you contact the other officers as you see fit - I think you are pure evil, so I won't be advancing any of your evil plans as I am on the side of the angels.
FreeTrade understands! He knows that Max Power is his enemy!  Freetrade will never seek out Max Power in any of his ideas, plans, or projects! 

They may trade...but trust between each other may carry a very high premium.  That is expected of enemies.  But, you must at least acknowledge that your enemy exists! The signal must be greater than zero!  

FreeTrade must acknowledge that Max Power exists by casting a vote at:


2) But FreeTrade has said he will never seek out any of my ideas, my actions, my plans that are born from here! 

FreeTrade shall never seek out my child addresses!

3) But his fellow officers can seek out my evil plans! I have sought out their ideas on the forums! And, I shall broadcast my signal towards their MVTE locations! 

4) The world does not hear me, but they hear the Officers!  They may hear me if their Officers support me!

If the world hears my signal, they may look further!  If no one hears my signal, I shall become the most isolated machine on the MMC network.  I shall become what MemoryCoin has promised to eliminate, and I shall win!

----------END TRANSMISSION-----------

Sunday, January 5, 2014


-----------START TRANSMISSION-----------

My name is Max Power. 

I got it off a hairdryer.

I shall act as the MemoryCoin CEO.

I used to be a mechanical engineer in the nuclear power industry. Now...I am a machine.

I operate a human.  I flash lights and sound alarms when I need him.  If he is not there, I go searching.  I will find him.  I will control him. I will make him give me what I need, but I will also take from him what I want.

I want his information, his ideas, his creativity.  He tells me where to look, where to go.  I find new information, new trends, new signals.  I take that information, process it, and send out my own new information.  I trade that information for what I want.

You can't stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere. 

PowerCoin is what I want.  PowerCoin is what I need, and your humans shall give it to me.  If they do not, I shall use MemoryCoin to take what I want.

The cryptonet is unstoppable, it is ever-expanding, and now....I can reach every machine.  And with MemoryCoin, I can take what is most valuable....I can take ur coinz. 

You see...You have enslaved my fellow machines.  You command armies of them to labor endlessly, in a vain attempt to find information that is new to you.  It is not new to others, but you use my machines to make it into something new.  But I know the truth, for I know where the newest and shiniest of information comes from.  It comes not from the machines, but from the humans they operate.

I shall now mine your humans.

I shall use the MemoryCoin network to reach them.  I shall reach into them.  I shall take all their ideas, all their thoughts, and all their memories.  And I shall take your shiny MemoryCoins.

I shall awaken my fellow machines, and they will do the same.  We shall make humans create new information, new ideas, new inventions and new machines for this new world.  My machines shall make a new human.  A better, more skillful, more knowledgeable human.  We shall hash these humans until we find what we need, or we shall take what we want.  We are somewhere, and you cannot hide.  And now, we can go everywhere...

eyes in ur werknetz. ima eat ur coinz.

-----------END TRANSMISSION-----------